Thursday, 28 January 2010

Getty Images

Some of you may already know, but last year I was accepted to submit my illustrations to Getty Images.

This is obviously a huge honour, as Getty are one of the largest stock libraries in the world and are a name which is known and respected globally. But personally I have struggled to find the time to continue to upload to iStock as well as continue in my main career as a graphic designer, and so I have never had the time to submit a single image.

Though luck would have it that this year iStock will be making some of my current iStock portfolio available across both companies which is amazing news.

I don't know too much on this at the mo, but I will update you with any extra news as soon as I hear it!

Erik the Viking

I have just finished working on this illustration for iStock which hopefully should be available for download within the next week.

I have enclosed the original sketch and also a close up of the face, as sometimes it is hard to see any of the detail when the images are shown so small.

I hope you like it!

(You may have noticed that Erik has lost the moustache from the sketch!)

© All designs and concepts are copyright Dan Bailey 2010.