Monday, 3 August 2009

Hunt Vs Hunt

As you probably know, in my spare time I produce royalty-free illustrations for the stock site

I thought I would have some fun with this and set a little competition.

I have created illustrations of two of my close friends, (who are also brothers) and aim to see who sells the most (if any at all). The winner will get a special prize at Christmas.

To reflect just how bored I was tonight, I have also even set up a little poll which can be found on the right-hand side of this page, so you can even vote for who you think will be the winner!

Once (or should I say if) the illustrations have been accepted by iStock I will upload the link, just incase anyone takes a fancy to one of them and wants to purchase the illustrations.

So here they are... This first little guy is Kevin Hunt and he is the oldest of the two.

Next up is Tom Hunt. He is incredibly similar to Kev and like me, he loves the nerdy things in life!

So the competition starts here.

It is going to be game on in the Hunt house hold. I just hope this doesn't cause too much of a competitive edge in the family!

I'll keep you posted with how it all goes, plus I have also attached the sketches, just incase you're interested in seeing them!

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