Thursday, 8 July 2010

My tube doodle...

I was messing around sketching the other day and ended up doodling a typical day on the London Tubes for me.

I am the miserable one in the glasses giving everyone else dirty looks. It is not that I am an angry person, I just very irritated by some people when I am in close confinement with them... That doesn't make me sound like a particularly great person, but you know what I mean right?... Right?

If I get the time I want to get this one artworked up, but it all depends how my workload goes.

I have just taken a massive block booking of freelance design work which will take me up to the New Year, but I will try to keep drawing and doodling as much as I can over the next few months.

I am planning to start a little personal project in the New Year involving a comic strip, but I will have to see how I get along. I will keep you posted though.

Oh yeah, a new Dan Hunt cartoon will be posted over the weekend and so why not come back then and check him out :)

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