Sunday, 10 October 2010

Monster Feast


Sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks, but work really has got the better of
me lately.

I have been enduring a lot of late nights and early starts at work,  as well as having my brother's wedding last week (which was absolutely amazing!) and so I have had very little time to dedicate to my illustrations.

I had said that I won't be taking on any more commissions this year so I can dedicate my time to my design workload, but I have broken this rule for one project. I can't really talk about through the details yet, but will post up the sketches and final illustration once the character design has been agreed.

I did also find time to doodle this rather random alien creation whilst in a bit of a zombie state, but I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for your patience with me and I hope you pop by again soon.


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