Thursday, 9 July 2009

Did someone say biscuits?

Anyone who knows me, knows how fond I can be of food... Especially junk food!

From time to time this passion of mine creeps into my illustrational work and once again I have found myself drawing food, though this time (and not for first time) I have been working on these little critters.

They are of course biscuits. They came to life after months of listening to some friends at work babbling on about the possibilities of biscuits coming to life. After months of ignoring these random outbursts, I then found myself involved in them. I have been doodling ideas for these characters for months, but didn't really have the time to develop them much further, until today that is.

I have worked up a trio of characters and my long term goal is to get a little comic strip together and after that, who knows... World domination? Well, it is a nice thought. Knowing the way I am, I'll be lucky to finish it and it will join my ideas scrap heap.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on them.

As of yet they are all nameless, though I was thinking of Jaffa for the Jaffa Cake and maybe Seth for the Custard Cream.

Before anyone asks about the Pink Wafer character, yes he is someone what camp – ha!

All designs and concepts are © Copyright Dan Bailey Ltd 2009.

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