Friday, 17 July 2009

New illustration

I have just had another illustration uploaded on to iStock. Well, it is one of many that I have completed this week. It is available to purchase by clicking here.

I have included the pencil sketch and the finished vector illustration.

Most of my work is vector* nowadays, but I am trying hard to go back to using good old pen and ink. I was massively tempted to produce the comic strips I have started working on as digital artwork, but wanted to have a crack at the hand drawn route for a bit. It may turn out that they do end up being done digitally in the end, but we will see. My pen work is still pretty rough as I have only just started using them again after about 10 years of ignoring my drawing talent. But you know what they say... Practice makes perfect (I hope)!

I think I must have stopped drawing when I was 14 and only started again 4 years ago (I am 28 now). In those four years all my work has been purely pencil sketches which I have then scanned and redrawn on my Mac. But now I want to do it old school for a while.

Any way, enough blabbering on from me...

*Incase you haven't come across the word vector before, it is a term used for illustrations or artwork created in programmes like Adobe Illustrator or FreeHand. This kind of artwork is made up of shapes which can be enlarged to any scale without the loss of quality, (which you would suffer from if you had a bitmap file, ie, a photograph or a scan). For a more indepth breakdown of the term vector click here... They can explain it better then me :)

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