Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The beginning of forever...

About 18 months ago I set out to make my then girlfriend (now wife), a really special Valentine’s Day present.

We hadn’t been going out for long, but like a true romantic I wanted to give her something which offered a little more sentiment then a box of chocolates.

I am not the most talented guy in the world and so the chances of me writing a song or crafting a beautiful table with my own bear hands were slim and so I did the only thing I really now how to… Draw.

I decided to make a comic charting our lives at different points, concluding with the day we met.

The reason I decided on this was because the way in which myself and Sharon met so easily may not have happened. We have both lived very different lives and we nearly didn’t encounter each other after I changed my mind about not going to the friends Birthday meal I met her at.

I originally drew and inked the comic, but this year I decided to create a digital vector version of it so that we could show it at our wedding reception. I must admit creating it as a vector file proved to be a real time consuming project, but I am pleased I pursed it.

It also gave me the opportunity to update it, detailing our engagement.

I was a a little concerned you wouldn’t be able to understand the concept as easily online as you would with the physical comic, but in case you can’t, the top panel represents Sharon’s journey through life and the bottom mine.

I hope you enjoy it…

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