Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Robot character design

I was recently approached about creating a character for a client that I have worked with before on a few other projects.

My client wanted a robot created to join the family of characters they already have representing the numerous money saving websites they run.

Each site represents a different sector which ranges from discounted vouchers to magazine subscription offers.

I originally set out creating 4-5 different character designs. From here we whittled it down to two which we then ended up merging, as both had favourable features.

The sketches of some of the development work are below.


From here the client chose their favoured design and after making a few additional amends, including adding the mouth and dollar sign on the chest plate, I began the final poses. From a personal point of view I was against adding the mouth as I feel the characters emotions can be equally reflected through their eyes and body posture, but saying that I was really happy with the way he turned out.

After the sketches were signed off, I began the final vector illustrations which you can see below.

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