Friday, 18 June 2010

Chloe Noonan Fan art

Over the years I have been lucky to know some amazingly talented people, but of all
of these Marc Ellerby is one of the most standout that I have come across.

Anyone who has stumbled across my blog before knows how high I regard the talent
that Marc possesses and his pure desire and dedication for his art is nothing short of incredible.

For those of you who have never come across Marc before, he is one of the UK's biggest rising comic book talents and you can check his work out at or read his weekly web comic at

Marc is finally starting to get the recognition for his talents and he has recently been nominated for an Eagle Award, which are like the BAFTAs of the comic industry.

If you get a spare few minutes I really do encourage you to check him out (his work that is). His comics are packed with so much humour and emotion that you can't help but get absorbed into the world he has created.

I recently promised Marc that I would do some fan art of one of his characters, Chloe Noonan, and have included it in this posting.

I wanted to take the personality and concept of Chloe and portray her through my eyes.

As you can see from the original sketch, I ended up changing her expression as she is generally a more moody character then I had originally shown and personally I think it works a lot better with this change done.

I must admit I was concerned my original sketch resembled Garth from Wayne's World a little too much, but thankfully once I artworked her she became a little less Garth-like.

I am aiming to produce some watercolour illustrations next week and will post these as soon as they are done. Please bear with me on these as I haven't used watercolours since I was about 12 years old and so they be a bit ropey.

Have a great weekend!

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